Silkway EClub Member's Benefits Include:

  • Get $20 Travel Coupon* upon our confirmation.
  • No membership fee. It is completely free to join.
  • You are in our High Priority List to receive our Hot News for special offer on air, hotel, tour packages, and cruise.
  • Private Sale Only for Silkway e-Club members for a specific period of time in the year. Discount may be up to $1000 per person or one third of the original price. Private Sale will be announced through e-mails.
  • Chance to win a trip or valuable gifts every season. We will have a lucky draw for our members every season and no purchase is necessary to be in the draw. All members have equal chance and we will announce the prize and draw date at our web site.

(Travel Coupon has to be picked up from Silkway Travel office upon receipt of your membership confirmation.)


  1. You must have an individual e-mail address in order to be applicable as a Silkway e-Club member. For those applicants with the same e-mail address or the same contact mailing address, only the first one is eligible and will be registered as a Silkway e-Club member.
  2. Please do not register more than once. We will automatically delete your duplicate registration(s) anyway.
  3. Welcome gift is to be picked up in person at our Cambie office once you received our confirmation through e-mail. Silkway Travel will not be responsible for any postal/delivery charges.
  4. Silkway Travel reserves the right(s) to amend the terms and members' benefit(s) at any time without prior notice.