About Us

The Silkway Education and Culture Exchange Centre is a division of Silkway Travel and Cruise Inc. (a member of JTB group). The centre aims to provide children, youth and adults from all around the world with rich, experienced English teachers, reliable educational institutes, flexible Canadian education systems and safe homestay families to meet all of their learning needs. We play a role in promoting the awareness of cultural exchange and diversity. This helps to provide students with the driving force of development, not only in respect of economic growth, but also a means of leading a more fulfilling, intellectual and spiritual life.

Themes: "Welcome to Canada"and "Going Global"

Silkway Education and Culture Exchange Centre comprehensively provides Canadian learning adventures to overseas students and also arranges for Canadian students to go abroad to gain a different learning experience.

Our Motto: "Learn, Live and Grow from Interactive Study and Adventures"

Silkway Education and Culture Exchange Centre is a reliable organization that offers a wide range programs with Canadian cultural and interactive lifestyle activities. We believe we can help you to grow, experience, and expand your network and interest.

Our Offers

  • Our study programs include Summer Camps and ESL Classes (English as a Second Language), Short and Long Term Student ESL Language Immersion Programs for students in Grade 6 to 12, and University /College Degree or Certificate programs. In addition, we have programs specifically designed to help participants learn and practice business administrative and tourism management in Canadian companies
  • Our instructors and teachers are approved and certified by the B.C.Education Board. Lessons and discussion opportunities are designed to facilitate and encourage interaction between students, as each puts theory into practice
  • Rich discussions take place to help students explore effective communication techniques, build up confidence to implement ideas learned in the programs, and apply strategies that will bring value to each student
  • We provide "One-stop" exploration of education and cultural exchange programs throughout China, Canada and all around the world. Our expertise will ensure high satisfactory arrangement

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We welcome you to contact us at:

Silkway Education and Culture Exchange Centre
Address: 8899 Odlin Crescent, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, V6X 3Z7
Phone: 604.214.6213
Fax: 604.214.6304
China Contact Number: +(86).13801670818
Email: education@silkway.com